A non-being is a class of magical creature. They are distinguished by their amortality and the fact that they have no real equivalent in the Muggle world. All known non-beings can only be sensed by Muggles in an indirect manner: most can only feel their presence and catch brief glimpses of them.

Being amortal, non-beings are not born and cannot be truly killed.[1] Non-beings are created from and feed on human emotions, and new ones will always be created; in short, they grow like fungi in places where there is decay. Despite Dementors cannot breed,[2] Cornelius Fudge referred their increase in number as "breeding".[3] All known non-beings have also shown the capability of flying without any form of physical aid, which normal wizards find impossible.

While amortal and unable to be truly dispersed, wizards have invented various spells that can drive off these creatures, using positive emotions to combat against the negative emotions they force their victims in producing. Their numbers can also be limited if the conditions of their multiplication are reduced.[1]

Known non-beingsEdit


Notes and referencesEdit

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