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Code Language Name Articles Wikia?
ar العربية / Arabic ويكي Harry Potter 3 Yes
ca Catalan / Català Harry Potter Wiki 141 Yes


Czech / Česky Harry Potter Wiki

Wiki o Harry Potterovi





da Danish / Dansk Dansk Harry Potter Wiki 328 Yes
de German / Deutsch Harry-Potter-Lexikon 1,023 Yes
de German / Deutsch Harry Potter Wiki und Lexikon 2,779 Yes
en English / English Harry Potter Wiki 11,799 Yes
et Estonian / Eesti Harry Potteri Viki 216 Yes
es Spanish / Español Harry Potter Wiki 3,159 Yes
el Greek / Ελληνικά Wiki για τον Κόσμο του Χάρι Πότερ 103 Yes
fa فارسی / Persian Harry potter Wiki 1 Yes
fi Finnish / Suomi Potterwiki 714 Yes


French / Français Le Wiki Harry Potter

Lumos - L'Encyclopédie d'UHP





he Hebrew ויקיפוטר 499 Yes
hu Magyar / Hungarian Harry Potter Wiki 2 Yes
id Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia Wiki Khusus Harry Potter 18 Yes
it Italian / Italiano Harry Potter Wiki 1,353 Yes
ja Japanese / 日本語 Harry Potter Wiki 233 Yes
lt Lithuanian / Lietuvių Hario Poterio Vikipediją 4 Yes
nl Dutch / Nederlands Harry Potter Wiki 2,794 Yes
no Norwegian / Norsk (bokmål)‬ Norske Harry Potter Wikiaen 1,681 Yes
oc Catalan / Català Wiki Harry Potter 5 Yes
pl Polish / Polski Harry Potter Wiki 4,017 Yes
pt-br Portuguese in Brazil / Português do Brasil Harry Potter Wiki 455 Yes
ro Romanian (Română) Harry Potter Wiki 7 Yes
ru Русский (Russian) Поттеромания 4,443 Yes
sl Slovenian / Slovenščina Harry Potter Wiki 37 Yes
sr Serbian / Srpski Harry Potter Wiki 68 Yes
tr Turkish / Türkçe Harry Potter 121 Yes
sv Swedish / Svenska Harry Potter-wikin 618 Yes
uk Ukrainian / Українська Вікі Гарріпедия 187 Yes
vi Vietnamesisch / Việt Harry Potter Wiki 1 Yes
zh Chinese / 中文 哈利·波特维基 1.785 Yes

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