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The Harry Potter Reading Club is an initiative sponsored by U.S. Harry Potter publisher Scholastic. The club was launched on 31 July, 2012 (Harry Potter's birthday.)[1] The club is geared towards educators and parents who intend to launch their own Harry Potter reading groups.

The official site for the club includes resources such as a glossary and series overview. Access to further features is granted by registering a acocunt. To promote the club, Harry Potter series author J. K. Rowling held a live webcast on 11 October, 2012, "A Virtual Author Visit with J.K. Rowling" from Edinburgh, Scotland. During this webcast, Rowling discussed such subjects as her inspirations for becoming a writer, her favourite parts of the Pottermore experience, and personal details like her favourite foods and sounds.

Anyone with an account registered on Scholastic's site can access the club. The following activities were made available for download in the first month to registered members:

  • Creative Writing Exercise - "Imagine you have received a letter to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!"
  • Make Your Own Wand - "Create your very own wand!"
  • Test Your Knowledge - "Search for unique terms found in the Harry Potter books"
  • Wizardry in Pictures - "Draw pictures of items found in the Harry Potter series"

The activities are presented using Adobe's Portal Document Format (PDF).

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